Wednesday, May 19, 2010


An animated film telling the story of the Amesbury Archer - A bronze Age skeleton found near Stone Henge. The film was made by Yr6 students at Amesbury Archer Primary School during workshops run by Lucy and Andy from Creative Workshops -

This was a Salisbury and Wiltshire Museum Project and the film will form part of the museum's display on the Amesbury Archer.

Amesbury Archer (or King of Stonehenge) is an early Bronze Age man. His finding dates to back to 2300 BC. His grave was discovered in May 2002 by the archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology, in Amesbury, WiltShire, England near the Stonehenge. His grave is of particular importance because of the rich valuables and the earliest gold objects ever found in England. Nearly 100 objects were found along with the complete skeleton of the man. It is believed that the objects buried in with his grave was for his use in his next life. [Read More....].

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