Sunday, June 13, 2010

Iceman - the story of otzi

The world's oldest mummy visits Sydney.

Otzi's Curse

Influenced by the "Curse of Pharaohs" it was believed that Otzi mummy was cursed. The claim is that the deaths of some main people connected to the discovery and examination of Otzi have died under mystifying conditions. This includes the
Rainer Henn - was on the way to present new findings of the remains. "Head collision car accident."

Kurt Fritz - guided Dr.Henn to the location of Oetzi, Died in a avalanche shortly after that.

Rainer Hölz - created an hour long documentary of Otzi. Died of a brain tumor few months later.

Helmut Simon - discoverer, went for a walk disappeared and was found dead 8 days later.

Tom Loy - ground breaking DNA analysis on the corpse, died of blood clot.

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