Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maritime Archaeology - Marlon Pestana

I've been in the open seas for a few days working with maritime archaeology. And I bringo for you some footages showing how it works when we do science with rainy day and no visibility. Yes, that's right archaeologist has to be there to protect our brazilian cost underwater heritage. I'm thankfull of a Hang Jun crew and their captain.

Maritime Archaeology

Archaeological material in the sea or in other underwater environments is typically subject to different factors than artifacts on land. However, as with land archaeology what survives to be investigated by modern archaeologists is a tiny fraction of the material originally deposited. The issue in maritime archaeology is that despite all the material that is lost, there are occasional rare examples of substantial survival, from which a great deal can be learned.

There are those in the archaeology community who see maritime archaeology as a separate discipline with its own concerns and requiring the specialised skills of the underwater archaeologist. Others value an integrated approach, stressing that nautical activity has economic and social links to communities on land.

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