Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tollund Man

Time-lapse photo-retouching to the nth degree. Nothing in this picture was brought in, it was literally retouched, and retouched, and retouched, until the final result came about.

Photoshop 7, mouse, standard brushes. Very little painting was done, mostly just a basic color pass and eyebrows, everything else is clone stampery.

My original intention was to record the screen for the whole thing, and I did, but the first five (of six) full-length, pre-sped up videos don't work. I'd love to re-make the video with all time-lapse recording, so if anyone knows why these Camstudio AVI files are killing me, please let me know!

Tollund Man

The Tollund man lived during the late 5th century BC and/or early 4th century BC, about 2,400 years ago. He was buried in a peat bog on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, a find known as a bog body. He is remarkable for the fact that his body was so well preserved that he had seemed to have recently died. [Read Full Articles....]

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