Monday, June 28, 2010

Underwater Archaeological Museum In Alexandria

Archaeological treasures in Alexandria bay will be exhibited in a futuristic underwater museum, facing the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in the heart of the antique city.

Museum is a place devoted to the acquisition and conservation of objects having historical or artistic significance Though we are not special organi. This page acts as a comprehensive resource guide that provides information about the world's renowned museums and their specialty.

Maritime archaeology can be divided in a three-tier hierarchy, of which the first tier consists of the archaeology of shipwrecks and wreck sites. In this discipline the wrecking process itself is studied: how does a ship break up, how does a ship float to the bottom, and how do the remains of both ship and cargo decay over time?

Underwater Archaeology is that branch of the regulation and science of Archaeology that is practiced under water, either by archaeologists outfitted with breathing equipment or by the remote control of machines. Strictly, this means archaeology under water, which is the main discipline of maritime archaeology Underwater Archaeology.

Underwater archaeology is considered as a branch of maritime archaeology (the archaeology of aquatic vessels and associated infrastructure), though not exclusively: underwater excavation techniques and methodology can also be applied in the study of sunken settlement and committal sites, for instance. underwater or maritime archaeology does not essentially deal with wrecks, even if that is the part scuba divers more often deal with.

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