Sunday, July 18, 2010

Duxbury's Big Dig : Archaeology Dig Underway

The Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project is leading a community dig at the Second Meetinghouse site on Chestnut Street.

The archaeology digs will take place from Oct. 6-18, and volunteers will work in three hours shifts. People will be assigned different jobs including diggers, note-takers, photographers, washers and cataloguers. The site will be arranged in a grid, and volunteers will dig test pits along the grid. Then the pits will be carefully excavated.

Archeological site are such a limited resource, Chartier said. We want to do it right and for the right reasons.

Chartier told the interested volunteers they may not be finding entire artifacts perhaps just a piece of a pot, a few nails, the lead from a window, etc. However, he said a careful process and a trained eye will be able to spot these fragments.

When youre actually out digging, youll be able to see these things jump out at you, the stains and so forth, Chartier said. When you dig, if you see any kind of funny shaped rock, call us over.

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