Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Secret NASA Evidence on UFO Technology

In this incredible documentary we will hear from the great Mr. David Sereda who is a highly credible physics expert. He will explain the theory of Quantum Physics and how NASA has harnessed the technology of Flying Saucer technology for years.

Mr. Sereda will explain how UFO's function, the way they travel through space and on Earth, the awesome power they contain within their engines, the proof of the UFO existence with photos and video footage from NASA's space files, and the extreme durability of the Flying Saucer's skin.

This is an incredible documentary and it is a definite MUST SEE for any individual out there who studies propulsion, quantum physics, or simply like the UFO stories we all hear on a daily basis. Please visit and support Mr. David Sereda at the following website for providing the World with this incredible information. Mr. Sereda has done many wonderful things for the public by writing books and creating many DVD's explaining all of the material covered in this documentary.

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