Monday, July 12, 2010

Tel Dor Archaeological Project INTRO

archaelogy excavation

Featuring the participation of volunteers in the archaeology excavations of Tel Dor 2006/7.

The History of Tel Dor

Throughout Biblical times, from the days of Solomon to the reign of the Roman emperor Alexander Severus, the harbor at Dor acted as a magnet, drawing commerce and conquerors to the Carmel coast. One of the few natural harbors on Israel's Mediterranean coast, Dor today is one of the country's largest archaeological sites and an important key to understanding the sequence of occupation during Biblical and later times.

The coastal district of north central Israel, where Dor is located, is an attractive area. To the north of the towns of Hadera and Pardes Hanna lie the Carmel range and the famed Carmel caves (where the archaeology excavations of settlements dating back to the Paleolithic Era has been in progress for over half a century). To the south stand the dramatic ruins of Caesarea, the formidable seaport constructed by Herod the Great. Numerous other sites of interest, such as Megiddo, also lie nearby, and Tel Aviv is only 50 kilometers away.

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