Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VITA: Visual Interaction Tool for Archaeology

We present VITA (Visual Interaction Tool for Archaeology), an experimental collaborative mixed reality system for offsite visualization of an archaeological dig. Our system allows multiple users to visualize the dig site in a mixed reality environment in which tracked, see-through, head-worn displays are combined with a multi-user, multi-touch, projected table surface, a large screen display, and tracked hand-held displays. We focus on augmenting existing archaeological analysis methods with new ways to organize, visualize, and combine the standard 2D information available from an archaeology excavations (drawings, pictures, and notes) with textured, laser rangescanned 3D models of objects and the site itself. Users can combine speech, touch, and 3D hand gestures to interact multimodally with the environment. Preliminary user tests were conducted with archaeology researchers and students, and their feedback is presented here. (Authors: Hrvoje Benko, Edward Ishak, Steven Feiner, Columbia University. Please visit http://www.edwardishak.com for more information.)

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