Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Archaeologists: Islamic Coins Dating Back to Ayyubid Era Unearthed in Syria

Syria (Hama) - The Syrian national archaeological expedition at Mesyaf Citadel in Hama has discovered a number of Islamic coins and pottery candles dating back to the Ayyubid era.

Supervisor of the expedition Haitham Hassan said archaeology excavation works in the site included the grand hall of the citadel along with the water building bloc, pointing out that archaeology excavations in the third tower have uncovered a wide range of Islamic coins and pottery pieces.

He added that architectural analyses and studies of the building blocs proved that construction stages date back to the period starting from the 11th century to the Ottoman period.

Excavation works at the citadel have unearthed so far 350 coins, including a coin for an Ottoman sultan.

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