Thursday, August 5, 2010

Excavation work at Kondapur, District Medak, Andhra Pradesh

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has carried out excavations at Kondapur, Sangareddy Taluk, District Medak, Andhra Pradesh in the field season of 2009-2010 which yielded important evidence of the material culture of the early Satavahana period. Though the previous archaeology excavation gave glimpses of material culture but did not enlighten the other aspects of the stratigraphical context. The present archaeology excavation revealed that this was a thriving urban city of the Satavahanas and also proved to be an important kshetra of Brahmanical faith particularly Sakti cult of that time which was clearly shown through the exposed structures and other associated findings such as coins and sealings. The excavation yielded a large number of glass vessels indicating Roman influence that indicate the existence of a separate settlement of Romans in Kondapur who had brisk contact and trade with India. On the basis of the material evidence Kondapur site can be tentatively datable to 200 BC - 1st Century AD.

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