Sunday, September 5, 2010

2,000-year-old Cupid found in Jerusalem

The 11th Annual City of David Archaeology Conference took place last week at the City of David. Finds from the past year of archaeology excavations were presented at the conference, including the massive fortification next to the Gihon Spring, a very large building dating to Roman times in the Givati Parking Lot Excavation, and a 2,000 year old semi-precious cameo bearing the image of Cupid (Eros in Greek Mythology), which apparently came from a piece of jewelry.

Previous Discovery

Israel finds rare 2,200-year-old gold coin / Associated Press
Antiquities Authority says find is oldest-ever coin uncovered in the area. Coin believed to date back to rule of Seleucid Empire
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The cameo, which is 1 cm in length and 0.7 mm in width was discovered in the Givati parking lot excavation which is part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park.

The archaeology excavation is being conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority under the direction of Dr. Doron Ben Ami and Yana Tchekhanovets of the Israel Antiquities Authority, and funded by the Ir David Foundation.

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