Thursday, September 9, 2010

The oldest shoe in the world found in Armenia and made 5500 years ago

The Armenian shoe is dated between 3600-3400 BC. Dr. Pinhasi says what is interesting is that the shoe is made of leather, and it's a processed leather, which tells about a developed culture in Armenia 5000 years ago. We are talking about a time frame that is nearly 1000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids.

This cave is special in Armenia because by its geographical location it's a crossroad between Africa, Asia and Europe. "All of Armenia is very rich for archaeologists, for any period from pre-history to the Christianity and the like. At the same time Armenia is not archaeology excavated as much as the other regions of the world and therefore, there is a lot of unknown and mysterious elements to it," says Dr. Pinhasi who is specializing in prehistoric archaeology. Speaking of this oldest shoe in the world, he says their group was one of the first to make the excavations in the region and were pretty astonished what they were about to meet around the surface.

One thing is for sure. Armenia now can brace to host more archaeologists and will add the cave, where the oldest shoe was found, to its menu of tourist attractions.

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