Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Underwater Installation M.A.R. 2 dkefalos 3 videos

The Underwater Installation M.A.R. is a centre from which is made the management of the maritime wealth of the west coast of the south Pagassitikos gulf. It serves the needs of the Institute of maritime archaeological researches and it aims for the education and the entertainment of the visitors. The fact that 8 shipwrecks are traced there which are chronologically included from the early Roman to the Byzantine times, it constituted the cause that the installation is placed in the location between Steni Agali and the Tilegraphos creek. Its position offers directness to the work of the archaeologists and for the diving of the divers that are pulling out the ancient discoveries.
In real-time it is possible to observe the underwater work of the divers and their direction with the best way. The discoveries are moved to the labs of the installation where works of maintenance take place and then they are placed to the underwater museum.

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