Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ancient Indian Archaeological Discovery

The site of an ancient civilization has been excavated in Sirpur in central India. Six well constructed granaries and various stone and bronze statues, bracelets, casts used for making gold and silver jewelry have been excavated.
Sirpur is said to have been an important trade center. Various goods were sent to parts of India and Arab countries from here.

It was also known for iron statues. The goods from here were sent to the southern Indian state of Karnataka, western Gujarat, and eastern Cuttack, to name a few.

[Arun Kumar Sharma, Archaeologist]:
"It was only recognized as the capital of Koshal. But after the excavations we found ancient factories for making bangles, ayurvedic medicines, gold and silver jewelry and bronze statues. We have also found casts for making these things. It was a famous trade site."

Six granaries have been excavated from the site. These are well-constructed underground granary with the capacity of storing 34 quintals of rice each.

The granaries are built in such a way that insects and rodents cannot enter. The granaries are also built underground to keep them cool.

[Arun Kumar Sharma, Archaeologist]:
"It is a public place because a lot of things belonging to public have been found. The granary is from the Satvahana age, two centuries before Christ and 200 years after Christ. It was the Satvahana age. We have found six granaries. They were made from square pieces of white limestone. The base of the granary is 25 layers below the cover of the granary."

The archaeologists hope to find more granaries since only one fourth of the site has been excavated so far.

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