Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Archaeological Discoveries - Humanity's Origins

This is a very informal special based upon the archaeological finding s of recent times on the origins of mankind. This is one very extraordinary broadcast hosted by Mr. Charlton Heston.

This program was brought to the public's eyes by the Emmy Award winning creators of "The Mystery of the Sphinx". We will be thrust forth into the World of the greatest question all of humanity has pondered about for centuries, Where did we come from and how were we created? The teachings of modern evolutionary theories and the rise of humanity will be challenged within this video series.

Scientific investigators present a large array of new evidence which the academic community has quietly and swiftly ignored, Did we evolve from the ape? That is simply one example of what will be discussed in this very eye opening documentary. Human bones and fossils have been discovered that predate the dinosaurs.

It is now known and proven in this documentary that the bones found completely dismantle the theory of evolution and they are older than what the theory itself allows. Did humans live at the exact time of the dinosaurs? Well it is now known and shown in this incredible video that human footprints have been discovered next to footprintsa of the dinosaurs that date back to over 100 million years ago.

Is it possible that the lost city of Atlantis be buried under miles of ice? Ancient maps with hidden clues about the great civilization of Atlantis may hold the key to solving its great mystery. A city that was once a metropolis in the ancient times has been discovered in the Bolivian Andes region and it has been dated approxiamtely to 15,000 B.C.

This proof can change the evolutionary theory to absolutely nothing. It can transform all of the textbooks we have in our schools to what we truly must be learning about our orgins and how we came to existence on this beautiful planet. Please go out and do your own research if you do not believe any concept or theory discussed within this wonderful documentary.

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