Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Historic and Archaelogical Jain Sites in Tamilnadu, India-which are regularly vandalised by locals to evade any proof of existence of Jainism. This site is approximately 2000 years old. A cave where Jain saints like Thiruvalluvar ( kund kund) use to do Tapasya(meditation).

Jainism being oldest religion of India as well as world is being targeted to be systematically destroyed by local interests.

This place is called Sholaipandipuram a small village near Thiruvanamalai.
Jain Thirth Samrakshini committee is least bothered to look after even a single site in Tamilnadu. Same goes with local Tamilnadu Archaeology whose officers are involved with local profit making miners.

We need to wake up to save our old historic and archaelogical heritage.

This video is taken immediately after this site being vandalised by local Village officer and Tahasildar also involved. They have their interest in illegal stone quarrying as well as well balanced agenda to destroy any existing proof of dravid Jainism

There are over 500 similar Jain archaeological sites which are now on the verge of destruction.

This place has importance for aborginal dravid Jains who were originally Jains later converted forcibly to accept lowest form of hindu religion - Dalitism.

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