Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Otzi the Iceman" 1993 Horizon documentry on BBC 2

I have my personal reasons why I think he was killed. The killer was mad enough to follow him from his village to the top of the Alps where he caught up with him. The killer shot him in the back with his bow and arrow from a pretty good distance. Who ever the killer was he did not want any of his possessions that were very valuable and just left them with the dying man.. I have read that the Ice Man was a person of importance and was killed to obtain his status. If that is true the killer would have taken his belongings to display to the others in his village. It is possible that he was hunted and killed by an irate husband or father for something that he did to a wife or daughter. I can think of no other reason to hunt a man up into the high mountains and kill him and not take any of his possessions. In a crime of passion you would just kill him and leave him there. If the killer had taken his possessions he would have been reminded of the crime every time he looked at his things.

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