Friday, November 12, 2010

Prehistoric Ilkley Moor carvings to be preserved

Ilkley Moor carvings

Prehistoric carvings on Ilkley Moor are to be preserved with the latest technology for future generations to enjoy and study them. Archaeologists are thinking to create digital 3D models of the carvings fearing that the originals could be eroded away.

As of now the carvings are represented in two dimension but Gavin Edwards an archaeologist said that we have the opportunity to create three-dimensional models so that they can be studied in the future.

The carvings were made in the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age started at the end of the last ice age in about 10,000 BC.

It is thought they were made by some of the first hunter-gatherers to reach what is now Ilkley Moor - an area which now has the highest concentration of Mesolithic sites in the world.


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