Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chemists guide archaeologists to probe biblical history

Tel Megiddo is a dusty mound overlooking Israel's Jezreel valley which is one of the hottest debates in archaeology. Ancient Megiddo have been a key administrative and military centre during the eleventh and tenth centuries BC but the biblical narrative is challenged by archaeologists who believe that David and Solomon did not rule over an Iron Age empire. They suggest that David and Solomon commanded a small and not terribly influential kingdom, and Megiddo's peak came nearly a century after the united kingdom had divided.

Important evidence to this debate is being unearthed by a unique collaboration between archaeologists and natural scientists. In the past, archaeologists and scientists worked together, but it was two parallel lines. It could even take months or even years before finds were sent away to the lab. Sometimes the samples were also not taken correctly.

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