Friday, December 10, 2010

Skeleton found with arrow tip on spine

A man's body was found with an arrow tip still lodged in his spine during the ongoing excavations in Bursa’s Aktopraklık tumulus. Archeologists believe that the man would have died immediately after he was shot with an arrow from a bowman. The tumulus where the skeleton was buried is estimated to be 8,500 years old.

He was buried based on the burial traditions of the period. On closer examination of the skeleton, archaeologists discovered a deep arrow wound in the bottom of his spine. They also noted that the arrow tip was made of flint and it was lodged 12 millimeters into the spine and damaged the abdominal aorta, which was located near the path of the arrow. This indicates that the man died shortly after he was injured.

It is very probable that the man died quickly due to excessive bleeding. It also seems that he was injured not far from the village and was taken back to the village shortly after he died. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to be buried in the traditional fetal position.

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