Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vintage weapons cache discovered in Caesarea following storm damage

A cache of weapons from the time of the British Mandate was discovered during the weekend in Caesarea's underwater archaeological park, two weeks after a strong winter storm caused great damage to the site.

Two diving instructors discovered a cache containing about 20 hand-grenades and weapons which are apparently from the time of the British Mandate. The Israeli Navy was notified and will dispose of the weapons found in the cache.

According to the divers, other artifacts found included anchors from different periods, chiseled marble pillars and pottery shards.

The divers said that they found an area in Caesarea's ancient underwater harbor that had previously been covered by sand. "We knew things would be different after the storm, but the site was changed so much that we could hardly recognize it," one of the divers told Haaretz.

Israel Antiquities Authority said that the the Marine Archaeology Unit will examine the site on Monday.

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