Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Mary Rose collectible items

THE MARY Rose has been chosen to feature on a set of commemorative coins for 2011.

The historic ship, housed at Portsmouth's dockyard, is one of six coins that will be in circulation from next year and has been produced by the Royal Mint.

The Mary Rose, which was King Henry VIII's flagship, has been chosen as next year marks the 500th anniversary of the great ship's maiden voyage.

The image has been done by designer John Bergdahl and around the edge of the coin, a Latin inscription reads 'your noblest shippe 1511'.

Rear Admiral John Lippiett, chief executive of the Mary Rose Trust, said: 'We are really delighted that we have a close association with the Royal Mint and that a 2 coin has been produced with the Mary Rose.

'We are all looking forward to the launch of the commemorative coins.'

The Mary Rose joins designs to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Federation being founded. Cardiff and Edinburgh are featured as part of the Cities Series, the King James Bible to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Bible's translation into English and Prince Philip's 90th birthday. Dave Knight, director of commemorative coins at the Royal Mint, said: 'The Royal Mint is very proud to commemorate these important anniversaries in 2011.

'I'm especially pleased to reveal the 5 crown celebrating HRH Prince Philip's 90th birthday celebration, who is a patron of the Royal Mint.'

The ship, which is based in Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard, was built between 1509 and 1511, was one of the first ships able to fire a broadside, and was a favourite of King Henry VIII.

The Mary Rose accidentally sank during an engagement with the French fleet in 1545.

Work officially began in October this year for a museum to be built in a state-of-the-art complex, costing 16.3m. The museum, which is hoping to be completed by autumn 2012, will reunite the Mary Rose with the majority of the artefacts recovered with her and will be housed in a specially-built glass case.

The Mary Rose coin is available to buy now from the Royal Mint.

Source from : http://tudorhistory.org

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