Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tudor garden found in WWII Luftwaffe recon photos

Photographs taken by the Luftwaffe on a bombing reconnaissance mission during the Second World War have revealed a lost Tudor garden on National Trust land.

The unusual ‘labyrinth’ design in the grounds of Lyveden New Bield in Northamptonshire had lain forgotten for 350 years.

It only discovered after gardeners studied photographs taken by the enemy in the Battle of Britain.

They noticed a series of strange concentric circles, measuring 400 feet across, that looked like a ‘labyrinth’, a popular garden feature in Elizabethan times.

National Trust experts also believe the photograph, taken in 1944, shows the last remains of an Elizabethan fruit garden, with a series of regular planting holes visible.

Source from : http://tudorhistory.org

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