Monday, March 21, 2011

Evidence of more bodies illegally dumped in Burr Oak Cemetery

There's evidence that more bodies were illegally dumped in a southwest suburban cemetery that was the scene of a gravedigging scandal.

In 2009, three workers and a manager from Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip were charged in a scheme to dig up bodies from unmarked graves and pocket money from new burials there.

An archaeology firm appointed by a bankruptcy judge who is overseeing the possible sale of Burr Oak says it has evidence that more bodies are buried in an unused section of the cemetery.

Sheriff Tom Dart says the findings back up his view that there should not be any new burial plots sold at Burr Oak.

"With erosion, numerous fragments of bones have come to the surface," Dart said. "I myself found numerous bones when I was out there."

Dart says the unused section of the cemetery should be sealed off for the time being.

He says the investigation should not affect families who have already purchased burial plots at the cemetery.

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