Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loftus royal treasure display attracts crowds

An exhibition showcasing Teesside's links to Anglo-Saxon royalty attracted almost 1,700 people over five days.

The 7th Century artefacts, described as "unparalleled" were found in Loftus at the only known Anglo-Saxon royal burial site in north-east England.

After a battle to keep them in the region they will go on show at Redcar's Kirkleatham Museum from May 28.

However, a smaller-scale exhibition for Loftus residents was held in the town hall, and proved highly popular.

The finds, made in a farmer's field at Street House by Teesside archaeologist Dr Steve Sherlock, include a gold pendant which may have belonged to a princess.

Those viewing the objects during the temporary exhibition included an Australian couple who were planning to head on to Edinburgh from a stay in York, but made a detour to Loftus after being told about the exhibition by friends.

Curator Alan Pearce said: "They arrived just as we were packing everything away on Thursday and the gentleman in particular was very excited about it.

"They'd made such an effort to get to Loftus that we were happy to get things back out to show them."

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