Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tickets Now Available for Historic 150th Civil War Reenactment

Tickets went on sale Monday for the special three-day Civil War reenactment event marking the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. This unique opportunity to step back in time takes place later this summer. KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann talked with a spokesperson at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield to learn more.

History buffs of all ages are gearing up for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the 150th anniversary. A three-day reenactment event of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek will take place in August. Wilson Creek Battlefield’s park superintendent, Ted Hillmer, says the event has many activities to give patrons an authentic historical experience.

“We’re going to have scrip, just like they did in 1860, to purchase so to speak. If you’re going to buy a soft drink, hot dog or hamburger you will use scrip to do that. Which is kind of different. So right from the very beginning we are going to try to get you into the reenactment frame of mind,” said Hillmer.

Scrip, for those of you who are not history buffs, is substitute currency that was used during the Civil War.

Hillmer says there will be three main sections for the event. One is a ‘modern’ area for food vendors and another is a craft demonstration area with a weaver and tin smith. Across the footbridge, patrons will find the reenactment battlegrounds, as well as a settlement town modeled after the 1860s. Hillmer says there will be period music, games, and 32 cannons firing in the evenings. There will also be a church service on Sunday, a military ball, an1860s baseball game, and even a real wedding will take place. Hillmer says the park expects to draw around 80,000 people to the event.

“It’s a great event for our city and for our state. In fact, it will be a signature event for the state of Missouri, which basically means that the Governor will promote this from Jefferson City…which is very exciting,” Hillmer said.

Hillmer says people should bring a lawn chair and cooler. He adds that camping is another option for families that wish to stay the whole weekend.

“People have always asked can they can help protect the national park. The way that people can help protect this special place called Wilson’s Creek, is to come. Those proceeds that the foundation are going to get from this event will all go back to support that battlefield,” said Hillmer.

About 3,000 reenactors, who will be dressed up in Union and Confederate uniforms, will travel here from all over the country. Advance tickets are $20 per person for one day, or $50 for a three-day pass. Children 12 and under are free.

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