Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rare gold bell discovered in Jerusalem

An archaeological excavation has unearthed an extremely rare gold bell which is thought to have belonged to an important dignitary. The object was found in the interior of a drainage channel close to Temple Mount, where the Jerusalem temple once stood. Archaeologists agree that such remarkable finds do not come along often.

According to experts, the bell adorned the garments of a dignitary and was a sign of importance, as it warned people that someone of high rank was approaching. It is thought to date from the period of the Second Temple in the first century CE. At the time, a temple is said to have stood at the area where the bell was found.

Holy texts describe the garments of the priest Aaron with great precision and refer to a bell, or even several bells. However, there is no concrete proof that the relic was part of the ceremonial garbs of an important priest, although this does seem to be the most plausible explanation.

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