Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Antique Ostia Project 11th-25th September 2011 – Field Staff Required

The University of Kent is carrying out a final season of archaeology excavation and survey in the central area of Ostia, Port of Rome, directed by Luke Lavan, as part of the Kent-Berlin Ostia Project. Work focuses on the survey, cleaning and archaeology excavations of a public square, an exedra of shops and a nymphaeum: all of late Roman date. We have also studied the transformation of a bath palaestra into a second public square, including the erection of a very late temple. Our site contains early medieval archaeology (house remains and bone dumps), as well as mid-Roman rubbish deposits. The late antique layers are very thin and challenging to excavate.

*Volunteer site assistants*

Experienced diggers of 18 years or over are welcome to apply to join our team, on payment of 100 GBP per week for field participation. This payment would cover accommodation, breakfast and lunch. Graduate students studying late antique archaeology would be especially welcome.

Because of the exceptionally high cost of staying in Rome, accommodation will be in tents in a well-equipped modern campsite. If you are interested in applying for a place please send your CV pasted into an email (not in attachment) to the following email (l.a.lavan at kent.ac.uk). The closing date is Friday 30th June.

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