Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Mummy To Arrive Science Center

Small decoding hieroglyphic banner Iowa Science Center has a museum next show is big enough clue. He said: "Show me ... me ... a mummy."

It turns out that mummy in question is "Annie", 2300 years the star of "Lost Egypt. Ancient Secrets, modern science" The exhibition will be open the day after Thanksgiving and stay through the spring, with artifacts and interactive exhibits that show how archaeologists use modern technology to understand ancient civilization, SCI employees said Wednesday.

What scientists can tell, Annie (anonymous nickname) was about 17 when he died in Egypt during the riots. (? Sound familiar) ancient embalmers, probably does not know its name - it would mark on the chest - but it was buried in a great ceremony, in which the sarcophagus richly painted and gold mask.

Archaeologists suspect his body could be found in the Nile, and was buried according to the greek historian Herodotus described by customs at the beginning. He wrote that "anyone at any time, Egyptian or foreigner, lost his life falling prey to crocodiles, or drowned in the river, the law compels the inhabitants of the city, near where the body is thrown in order to have it embalmed, and buried with the sacred repositories with all possible magnificence. "

And speaking of the crocodile mummy will also be on display, with a cat and several frogs newly mummified mummified ICS staff rescued after they were dissected by the museum's summer campers. "This," reuse and recycle "the end", said Vice President Curt Simmons SCI.

The exhibit was developed by the Center for Science and Industry in Columbus, Ohio, and made use of material from museums in New York and Philadelphia. Includes more than 60 ancient artifacts and kid-friendly scenes where visitors can reconstruct pottery, building a pyramid, to decipher the hieroglyphics and - a bonus - to pose for a photo at the top of a camel false.

Visit the exhibition in Des Moines will be his seventh stop on a national tour, and SCI staff expected to rival attendance figures for the previous show about Leonardo da Vinci (65 000) and current "Body Worlds" show (on the road Subscribe to 75,000 of his relatives, Oct. 31).

Plans were already in the works to bring the show Egyptian city where the interests of archeology received a surprise boost in January when the local sewer workers discovered human remains that could be as old as 7000 years. The remains were found near a place where scientists believe Iowans start once harvested mussels. The ash of charcoal old site, and in fact, signs of a Stone Age Clambake.

"It really helps our efforts to go from Nice to need," SCI said interim president Art Wittmack the local discovery. "It was great to make the connection between ancient Egypt and modern Des Moines."

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