Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ancient Sweden, Fishermen In Danger PALI Human Heads

The Mesolithic period is the period between the deglaciation and the introduction of agriculture in Europe (until about 4000 cal BC in my games). Swedish research in this period in recent years, there websites have been able to compete with the small town of Motala in Östergötland County. Located in a series of rapids in the main lake Vättern to the Baltic, the place has always been important to fishermen and travelers. His record of Mesolithic won the stage with the construction of major railways in an area with reserves waterlogged organic sediments. And a series of bones and wood is beautiful, and of course the bone Boner covered here before.

Archaeological excavations in 2009-2011 in Motala, revealed a deposit only ceremonial Mesolithic site of human skulls in the lake earlier. Skulls are treated with a complex ceremony, which included an exhibition of Skulls Skulls Stakes and the deposition of water. Radiocarbon measurements of the skulls, old style, and are 8000 years.

Rituals of the Earth by Channel was carried out on a massive stone pavement built in the bottom of a shallow lake (now a fen peat). Some skulls were largely intact, while others were found as isolated fragments. The most intact are those eleven people, male and female infants aged and middle-aged. Two of the skulls had wooden poles inserted all the way from bottom to top. In another case a bone from the temple woman was found inside the skull of another woman. Apart from human skulls, also takes a few post-cranial bones and human bones from animals and objects of stone, wood, bone and thank you.

The impact of the skull are clearly Kanaljorden ritual in nature. The next step is to determine if human bones are the remains of victims who were treated with a complex secondary burial ritual, or trophies won, and enemies. Archaeologists hope that the ongoing analysis laboratory [stable isotopes] gives clues about the bones are the remains of local or distant geographic origin of humans, and if they are family or persons not related to each other.

I have not read the report of the bone, so I'm not sure if they are positive signs that the skulls were Defleshed before they are placed on the poles. Puts the date about 2000 years before the world was made under fundamentalist Christians. DISS and not my ancestors, OK? It is a sacred mystery to us all that are in harmony with the Swedish soil. I just asked the right to paint the bones into a fine powder and mixed with drinking Mellanmjoelk, semi. Because it's an old custom, I have to do our midst ethnic Swedes.

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