Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Archaeologists Discover Remains Of A Roman Gladiator School In Austria

British archaeologists have been the team that discovered the ruins of the Roman gladiator school on the outskirts of the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Discovery has been described as "one in a million" and "sensational" is one of 100 hundred such schools Romans built to train soldiers before they are pitted against each other in brutal combat.

The British were among an international group of historians, geologists and archaeologists from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for archaeological prospection and Archaeology Virtual Vienna.

GPR is used to identify the school to a park called Romano Carnuntum is the site of a former colony that contains one of the best theaters have been found 40 miles east of Vienna.

The ruins have been assigned by the radar, but now remain underground.

Authorities say the rivals to find the famous Ludus Magnus - the largest training schools for gladiators in Rome - in its structure.

And they say the Austrian site is even more detailed than the famous Roman ruins, until the remains of a thick wooden pole in the center of the training area, which was used as a model for aspiring gladiators enemy attack.

The complex contains about 40 small sleeper cells, a large pool area, a training room with underfloor heating and a variety of office buildings.

Outside the walls, the radar scans show what archaeologists believe was a graveyard of dead during training.

Lower Austria Erwin Pröll provincial governor, said: "It's a feeling in the world, in the true sense of the word."

The team hopes to find a multitude of objects, including armor, weapons, utensils and money in the place where warriors trained and lived 2,000 years ago.

It 'the first discovered outside of the gladiator school in Italy: more famous of them belongs to those who are in Capua and Ravenna.

A spokesman said the imaging equipment showed widened structures for the characteristics of the same building and Collisseum Ludus Magnus, gladiator amphitheater, both in Rome.

Carnuntum was the capital of the Roman province of Pannonia which covered part of what is now Austria, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Caesar Augustus was the Roman emperor at the time of the gladiator school, before about 27 years and 14 years after the birth of Christ.

It was there standing HQ legion XV Apollinaris.

We see gladiators lived Carnuntum cells were found, and usually arranged in the formation of the practice mean anything in the arena.

Video presentations Virtual previous school Carnuntum gladiators showed pictures of the ruins that turned into ground that the complex may have looked like in the third century.

A spokesman Roemischer-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, one of the institutions involved in research and evaluation of the discovery, said: "A school of gladiators was a mixture of a barracks and a prison, through a facility high security.

"The fighters were often condemned criminals, prisoners of war, and usually the slaves."

The main courtyard is surrounded by residential and other buildings and contains a round of 19 square feet of training - a small stage dominated by wooden seats and the roof of the coach.

The Institute believes that in training was the men's "market value, and finally the impact of their destiny", it was decided.

Park Carnuntum head of Mr. Hume added, "If they succeeded, they had a chance to advance the status of" superstar "- and perhaps even achieve freedom."

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