Monday, October 31, 2011

"Archaeology" Tarkeinta Loytojen 10 Picks 2009

Archaeology 'Picks of the 10 most important discoveries of 2009

Archaeologies L'est une science incremental, et des sont rares Eureka Moments. Ici, les dix rarest de la dernier année dans le monde de Partout, tel que par les experts du Determine the magazine Archaeology.

Conosciuto meglio È over-the-top parrot governanti gioielli funerali Usati own, i nel nord Peruvian Moche (AD 100-800) sono di Oggetto dibattito access your governano stessi essi eat. I Moche were a raccolta Città di-stato plead, nella sua ognuno valley, or l'centrale Authority?

A discovery in the village of Úcupe suggests the latter. Archaeologists have found a series of gilded copper masks, shields, crowns and the tomb of a local lord who resemble the archaeology excavations in the elite tombs of up to 25 kilometers. From the tombs are in different valleys, the finding suggests a unified political order.

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