Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Counterfeit Biblical Trick

Prof. Yuval Goren was the only engine, there are at least three inscriptions on the artifacts known to be false Jewish Bible. He spoke with authority, influence because it is not a field archaeologist or a language expert or writing, but a scientist uses a hard microscope and scientific jargon. Others have relied on his expertise. He led the troops to find the following entries, among other artifacts of the Jewish Bible to be false:

1. The case is well known James ossuary, or bone, the inscription "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus."

2. A small ivory pomegranate bearing the inscription "Belonging to the Tem [example of Yahwe] h, holy to the priests." Although, this ivory pomegranate could come from the temple of Solomon.
3. An inscription of 15 lines on a piece of black stone attributed to King Jehoash (Yehoash in Hebrew), which, according to the Bible (2 Kings 12), repaired the temple in the late ninth century BC If authentic, it would register Israeli real thing ever discovered.

Professor Goren also said a stone oil lamp richly decorated, recently published in the Journal of Biblical Archaeology, * as one of the Jewish artifacts (the James ossuary, the ivory pomegranate and the Jehoash inscription) affirms the Bible, are false.

It will take place, but not in their Jewish artifacts, but a significant new voice, a professor that Gore proved to be reliable. As James ossuary inscription ossuary is a new post. And as the James ossuary and the ivory pomegranate, a charnel house again should be a flea market, no one knows where it is found, or rather, had been robbed.

The Aramaic inscription is clear and reads as follows:

"Miriam Daughter of Jesus son of Caiaphas, the priest of Beth Imri Ma'aziah '"

In the event that the ossuary of Miriam, Professor Goren was concluded that the inscription was "true beyond a reasonable doubt."

We have no reason to question this conclusion. It is interesting to note, however, is that an experienced investigator can study writing ossuary, and finally, without reservation, that it is genuine. How can do it here, but it is not the case with other Jews, is opposed to the biblical forgeries, such as the James ossuary and the ivory pomegranate?

Shaking importance, Miriam ossuary writing other things, that Mr. Gore has proved to be forged is that Gore's point of view, there is research that can determine if the writing is authentic. Why, then, will not perform the examination with other objects jew?

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