Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mercer County Partnership To Save Petty's Run Site Archaeological Preserve The History Of Trenton

Wonderfully reasonable agreement between New Jersey and Mercer County to maintain a signature industry of the past generations is a site called Petty's Run.

The county and the State Department of Environmental Protection plan to restore, promote and maintain the site behind the State House that has produced a wealth of objects 18 and 19th centuries. Creek, once a mess out there, helping to power factories in steel, textiles and other goods - and a heritage that has inspired the famous slogan of Trento.

The agreement to preserve the site of execution of Petty and the buried treasure still waiting to drop their absurd plan filling depth of the archaeology excavation. Urban archaeologist have worked for years, the discovery of stone structures and broke into the place of many layers of historical evidence. Overall, these results help to tell the story of Trenton's industrial past, its settlers and the people who lived there before there was a city.

It is a history of Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes believes the city must share with thousands of schoolchildren who visit the Statehouse annually and tourists who are attracted to Trenton's historical significance.

"I think it is an excellent example of where Trenton was long ago and is one of our historic treasures," said Erin Duffy Times.

Pending approval of the board of owners, the county will provide U.S. $ 800 000 for implementing the project to small for the design and construction of a "site of interpretation" on the ground. The State will create 500 000 dollars for design work and spend $ 300 000 over 10 years for the maintenance of the site.

Plans include a bridge, signs, literature and guidance from time to time to tell the story of the visit or groups of viewers to be able to scan, but not in the search. It promises to be an inviting addition to other historic destinations in the region.

Trenton has wisely used its integral role in the American Revolution to events like the Patriots' Week. Its role in the industrial revolution is no less important. The days of the industry buzz around the city can be, but Trenton is a valuable resource in the remains of that past. Rather than cover them, they celebrated.

Thanks for your cooperation with the state and county, Petty's Run can be a part of this celebration. We thank the New Jersey and Mercer officials, legislators, like Assembly Woman Bonnie Watson Coleman, Trenton Historical Society, civic activities and organizations, and all those who stubbornly maintain Run Petty.

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