Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Condemns Jerusalem Dig Archaeologist As A "tourist Gimmick" Unscientific

An archaeologist who has worked with the Elad Association in the city of Jerusalem from the claim that the association and David Antiquities Authority began archaeology excavation work "without any commitment archaeological science."

Dr. Eilat Mazar - Hebrew University archaeologist who has worked in close collaboration with Elad last for years and is considered one of the most productive scholars in Jerusalem, and the City of David area, in particular - have severely Elad for the archaeology excavation of a large underground pit, called "Jeremiah's Pit", at the mouth of the City of David visitors 'center' complex.

In a letter sent a strong 10 days ago Professor Ronny Reich, president of the Council of Archaeology, Mazar demanded an urgent discussion of the excavations, which said it carried out in violation of accepted procedures.

Mazar against Elad says are targeted at a crucial time as the proposed law to privatize the public parks is being considered. If approved, the law allows you to Elad, which is buried in a private association, maintains and makes traveling in the city of David, who helps manage the historic site - located mainly in the Arab village of Silwan close to the center.

"To my amazement, I discovered that more than a year with the Antiquities Authority Elad is secretly planning tourist gimmick called" pit Jeremiah Project ", wrote the letter to the Mazar and said that the excavation is only two meters away from the mining area, which led between 2005 and 2008. He says he wanted to keep digging the current region, but has been prevented, "logistical reasons, as the site north of the Antiquities Authority to build a room can Elad special events ", and the proximity of the residential area and the road.

Mazar said the excavation of the pit area violates several accepted practices in archeology, including the excavation of an area of ​​outstanding under a simple "two places", or 10 square meters, making it difficult to analyze the results of the total area. An excavation of this size, Mazar said, only in situations where no other option.

Mazar is also essential for the diggers "to destroy the wall of the pit, which has not been properly investigated. It also notes that they dig "interfere with excavations in the vicinity" that would undermine its ability to conduct research in the field. She argues that this is not acceptable to transfer an area being excavated by an archaeologist at the other without prior consent.

Mazar of Jerusalem took these complaints to the Director of Antiquities, Dr. Yuval Baruch. She passed the Antiquities Authority director Shuka Dorfman, who in turn dismissed the appeals and confirmed the continuation of the excavations.

Antiquities Authority staff said yesterday that Mazar, who asked to dig the ground and was killed, was granted consultative status with the excavation, but she was not happy with him and turned to the board. An official response from the Antiquities Authority said that "the excavation was a salvage excavation for tourism and development of the national park. The proximity of the location of several archaeological excavations have been conducted, of which Dr. Mazar. It seems that Dr. Mazar attempts to acquire the site for themselves, and we regret it. "

Elad said that officials no association, but Antiquities Authority, who decides that archaeologists will conduct a search. Elad also claims that in several years Mazar was familiar with the project, which was designed to allow tour groups to visit the grave, and she even promised to challenge it.

Please Booz attorney for Elad, said in a letter that Mazar had signed a contract with the association, in the sense that there would be "any claim or lawsuit against Elad in future excavations." "In light of that promise clear and precise, how can we explain the demand for human rights today, as incomprehensible as can be, to continue the excavation on the site?" They feel in writing.

The lawyer added: "It is difficult to avoid the impression that your letter is nothing but an attempt to stop the work undertaken by legitimate and important our customer, because of the ego and credit alone, disguised as a pseudo-professional complaints. "Feeling threatened to take legal action against Mazar.

This weekend newspapers published advertisements Elad large inviting the public to visit the new road opened underground complex near the Western Wall. The ads were signed by the board of the new government of the association, headed by Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.

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