Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Young And Old Turn Out To Dig 'Day Of Pirates Treasure' Fun At Tin City

Founder Debra Frankel Freedom Party Waters Foundation was behind Tin City Day of Pirates where everyone has a taste of everything from ancient legends shipping time, Caribbean steel drums, costumes and much more.

Freedom Waters Foundation Foundation operates on the good will, a paid employee and a lot of community support for people with disabilities in recreational water, using communication and education.

The event has attracted a steady stream of locals and tourists Naples, most of whom were children, followed by a fully decked out in dress as a pirate.

Boat trips on the sun of Naples double cruise, documenting local vendors, live music, good food, entertainment and more children were all given the key and the correct day full of fun in the heart of the waterfront of downtown Naples.

Replicas of the ships of Christopher Columbus' Nina and Pinta will remain docked at Tin City, Sunday, April 10. While in port, the public is invited to a walk guides on board ships.

The "Nina" was built entirely by hand and without the use of power tools, and was called by Archaeology magazine "the most historically correct Columbus replica ever built." The art of building and details in the rigging make it a fascinating visit to the Age of Discovery. The "Nina" was used in the production of Depardieu's film "1492 with Gerard and directed by Ridley Scott.

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