Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1200-year-old Mayan Cuisine Can Be Found In Mexico

Archaeologists have discovered an old kitchen in Mexico Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula, that officials believe may have more than 12 centuries. The Kitchen eighth century, contained thousands of tools used to prepare food for the ruling elite mysterious civilization.

archaeology excavation
Recent archaeology excavations at the archaeological site discovered Kabah, finding the ancient Maya elite residential area. It comes with thousands of stone objects, dishes, ceramics, and a fireplace, a kitchen to give archaeologists a rare understanding of the dietary habits of ancient civilization.

Lourdes Toscano, an archaeologist, said: "Around this area with set fireplace, we can see that it is surrounded by flat stones used for grinding grain, and this is also where we found the greatest liturgical objects, so you can you can imagine that this area was near the table where they were preparing animals for food and cook in this state. "

The Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History predicts large kitchen served the ruling elite of ancient civilization and have been used to prepare for Christmas celebrations.

Lourdes Toscano said: "There is a common kitchen, because the food was prepared on a large scale as provided in the kitchen at the Royal."

The archaeological zone of Kabah was declared a national park in 1993 and since then has revealed clues about how the ancient Maya lived.

The Maya built temples and elaborate palaces high in Central America and southern Mexico, dominating the region for 2,000 years, before mysteriously abandoning their cities around 900 AD.

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