Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bronze Age Burial Site Discovered In The Dartmoor

Early Bronze Age burial cist containing cremated bones and the material for 4000 years has been removed from Dartmoor.

Archaeologists have discovered the whole site including the bag of White Horse Hill fabric or basketball and amber beads.

Pharmacists are stone boxes used for the burial of the ashes.

Dartmoor National Park Authority (SANS) said that the discovery may be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in 100 years.
Archaeologists have found cremated human bones and burnt textiles woven bag or a basket of stitching it.
Plate contained a hard shale beads, amber beads, round ball of the textile band.

Cloth bag or a basket of Whitehorse Hill archaeologists want to analyze woven bag or basket to find out what material was used in

All items are made in the Wiltshire Conservation Service laboratory micro-search, SANS said revealed a "large amount of information that would normally not survive."

Peat and pollen around the pail is designed to analyze and carbon-dated to provide evidence of vegetation and climate at the burial, and are analyzed to reveal how they were made and what materials were used.

Jane Marchand, senior archaeologist at SANS, said: "This is a more unusual and fascinating in the early Bronze Age pit assembly properties of Dartmoor might have looked when it was buried, including the personal effects of people living in the moors near 4000 year. "

This is the first archaeology excavation of a CIST Dartmoor in nearly 100 years, although it is known that nearly 200 are in the moors.

The ISTC should be rebuilt when the analysis is complete.

Source from : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-15727960

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