Friday, November 4, 2011

Digging For Coles Reveals Rare Historical Objects

A window to the history of Manly was discovered during archaeological excavations during the construction of a new supermarket and apartments on the Corso, and now we will be maintained on site for all to see.

Archaeologists hired to scrutinize the basis for mixed-use complex that will include a supermarket Coles, has found thousands of historical relics, while working on the site, where there have been numerous construction projects since the 1850s.

Manly Council Heritage Committee called for a better quality of the artifacts to be displayed on the site to preserve the history of the region and create a precedent for future construction projects.

Project Manager, Nathan Shea, from Restifo & Partners, said today the Manly daily shows were produced in the lobby of the building and the objects to be displayed alongside historic photographs region.

Manly resident and archaeologist Dr. Melanie Fillios who inspected the remains, said the objects were among the best examples found on similar sites.

"I would like to see preserved heritage - it gives a fantastic insight into what was to be here because we had so demolished," she said.

Previous PIECES

-7186 The artifacts, which are stored in 45 archival boxes.

Most items are in fragments, but some parts of the understanding of the pipe sections intact, part of the face of a doll, a pitcher, bottles, marbles, pieces of plaque and a medal.

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