Sunday, November 20, 2011

Excavations In The State Can Change History Wadal

The history of Gujarat can take an important turning point in the coming months if the next scheduled archaeology excavation by the Archaeological Department of State Wadal village near Patan city gives the results expected between December and January.

Wadal is a small village on the right bank of the river Saraswati, about 7 km west of Patan district of the city. It was mentioned in the literature on Vatpalli Jain. It was located on the western border of the old walled city of Patan.

Patan was known as Anhilwad whistle at the beginning of the medieval period who received a high profile in the capital of Gujarat under the Solanki dynasty. Tradition has this small town like Wadal had played an important role in the resurgence of Patan.

YS Rawat, director of the Archaeology Department of State said: "We have submitted a proposal to the Central Council for approval of the archaeology excavations in the village near Patan Wadal. The site has enormous potential and can also substitute as the first capital Patan developed by the State. The site has not been searched before, but research reveals that the main site and one was pre-civilization Chavda and Solanki oldest evidence dating from the eighth century as well. 40 years ago, the remains of the Jain temples were discovered by the villagers here. We intend to start digging in December, after obtaining approval from the Centre. "

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