Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forks Township amphitheater excavation complete

Archaeology Excavation work is complete on Forks Township’s controversial amphitheater project.

Township supervisors approved the $251,000 project in August following more than a year of debate, continuances and rejections.

archaeology excavations

Work had been slated to be completed by Dec. 15, however, rainy weather conditions have pushed the date until the end of next month, Township Manager Rick Schnaedter said.

New York-based Fourmen Construction Inc. began pouring concrete for the beams for the theater near the community center on Zucksville Road last week.

The project is being funded through developer-paid fees, not taxpayer money. Similar to the new amphitheater at Riverside Park in Easton, it consists of a steel structure and canopy, Schnaedter said.

The Kiwanis Club of Forks Township and elementary-aged singing groups had planned to use the amphitheater during next month’s annual tree lighting at the township community center. Schnaedter said singing will likely occur indoors since the amphitheater won’t be ready in time.

Supervisors plan a formal dedication in the spring, he said. Parks and Recreation Director Rachel Sulzbach is securing musical acts for performances, Schnaedter said.

“It really represents the first major capital improvement in our parks that has benefited people other than youth sports," Supervisor C. David Howell said. “It is supposed to bring the community together for concerts and movie series and to help socialize what I call dispirit township neighborhoods."

Some members of the public came to meetings in opposition to the theater. Residents urged the board to come up with a different plan, saying they support an amphitheater, but not that design.

The concept plan and the bid were rejected in June in a 2-3 vote, with Chairman David Billings and Supervisors Erik Chuss and Bob Egolf voting against the theater. In August, supervisors approved the concept design 3-2 and awarded the contract, with Billings now in favor.

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