Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neanderthals And Modern Humans, As He Took

Despite representing different stages of human development, it seems European Homo sapiens may have a penchant for small prey Neanderthal. Or vice versa.

Two new studies show that humans and Neanderthals covered by about 5,000 years in Europe and, like, go out, if you know what I mean.

The researchers re-analyzed two teeth and jaw with CT can be deduced. The 60 th century, scientists believed that Neanderthals became still. But two new analysis published in Nature shows that are truly human.

Teeth rather early Homo sapiens known European in a cave in Italy 45,000 years ago. Moose suggests other modern humans existed in what is now the UK 44,000 years ago. The researchers say that people quickly made their way across Europe.

Neanderthals existed for only about 40,000 years ago, which would mean about 5,000 years at the top, and raises the possibility that some, ahem, * relationships * between the ancient and the modern man.

An analysis of the genome of Neanderthals last year found that up to 4 percent of our modern human DNA consists of Neanderthal DNA, strongly suggesting that both the couple had probably in the Middle East. Now it seems that may have happened more recently in Europe. Neanderthals charming could resist?

Studies have also raises the question: how many other Neanderthal remains are actually supposed to modern humans?

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