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Tamil, Kannada Inscriptions Found In The Town Of Vellore

Two inscriptions belong to the reign of Rashtrakuta Krishna III, were found on Vallimalai village in the district of Vellore in Tamil Nadu.

Vallimalai is located near the village Melpadi which served as the military camp of the king in the middle of the 10th century AD It is about 50 km from Takkolam, when the king defeated the Chola prince Rajaditya son of Parantaka Chola I, in a battle in 949 CE.

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Log - in Tamil and Kannada one on the other - were discovered by archaeologist K. Vallimalai Kumar during a visit two months ago. Registration Tamil came to light when workers dug a trench.

Dr. Kumar, who holds a doctorate in archeology from the region of Vellore in Tamil Nadu Tamil is the inscription on a slab of granite. When he and P. Venkatesan, Superintendent Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, visited the area a month later, they found the Kannada version.

Voices in the record that Krishna III, camping in Melpadi ("Melpaadikku vanthirunthu," said Tamil script) with Mahendrapadi as "jivitham" after the village in the audit of its accounts and free from all taxes, that "Disa-idang Gaganadeva Appaiyan, "the immigrant Karanjikheta Krishna Valley area.

The gift of the king Appaiyan village in recognition of its value as "Vikatakavi" the poet ("chakramadi vikata"). According to the Tamil script, Appaiyan showed his skill as "vikatakavi", composed of poets gathered in Kancheepuram (in the same way as the "satavadhani dasavadhani or contests). Even if the conditions provided for endowment funds, calls to write for Krishna III, "Kannaradeva".

Kannada script says that the budget allocation was made in the presence of Krishna III of the feudal lords, and Rattas Bit Raja, who were at Melpadi. Krishna III, was celebrated as Deva Akalavarsha, Prithvi Vallabha, gastric Rajathiraja, Parameswara, Parama bhattaraka Chaleka Nallathan and to show that had yet to make his conquests Kancheepuram and Thanjavur recorded in the writings of Latter-day that Dr. Kumar left.

The importance of these items, which are Krishna III the first two inscriptions in stone found to date, including Melpadi his presence, otherwise known as just a fact of the copper plate charters, says Dr Kumar.

Karhad Kannada copper plates from Delhi to discuss his distribution of the booty among his men to his successful military Melpadi Rajaditya in Takkolam.

The Athakur (near Mysore) entry of Krishna III, son-in-law, said Rajaditya Bhutuga II was treacherously killed by Bhutuga Rajaditya II while sitting on his elephant. Bhutuga II participated in the struggle with Takkolam Krishna III.

Tamil voice also says that Rajaditya died while sitting on an elephant ("MEL AANA thunjiya Chola Deva"). Plates Karhad to say that one of the objectives behind the Chola Krishna III to attack the zone was to provide the livelihood of his subjects.

"These details are known through the copper plate charts to find confirmation of the inscriptions on the recently discovered natural stone Melpadi. ​​Therefore, the discovery of lithic inscriptions is important in the history of South India" said Kumar.

Vallimalai There are two important temples of Chola and Somanatha Eswaram Eswaram Arinjikai called, was built by Raja Raja (985-1014 AD year of his reign).

A small portion of missing entries. Containing the image of the goddess Gajalakshmi at the top.

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Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Mr.Venkatesan, after reading the article,i went to Vallimalai and enquired about the inscription found. But, no one knows about it.Whether they have been there or shifted to other place.Please post these type of articles frequently thus we can know our histry and culture...