Monday, December 19, 2011

Any Archaeologists Here? Peculiar Designs In Town Of Mark

Archaeology Excavations near the Gihon Springtime in Jerusalem’s Town of Mark have discovered three strange V-shaped marks that have archaeologists absolutely confused. The strange patterns, which each evaluate about 1.5 toes long, are designed into the foundation ground of a space that was in use, according to old ceramic sherds, until at least the overdue 9th millennium B.C.E.

archaeology excavations

Unfortunately, the archaeology excavation has discovered few signs to indicate either the indicating or operate of the designs, while only one other example, discovered more than a millennium ago in a regional subterranean route that is still unexcavated, has ever been noted in Jerusalem.

archaeology excavation

“The marks are very strange, and very fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like them,” said Eli Shukron, of the two administrators of the continuous archaeology excavation. Shukron speculates the marks may have assisted assistance some type of wood made framework within the space, although its likewise possible they could have had some either practice or simply routine operate.

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