Thursday, January 19, 2012

Archaeologist trying to discover an prize for Maryport dig

A well known English archaeologist has been selected for a nationwide prize for function he has accomplished in Maryport.

Tony Wilmott, manager of last season's excavations at the Roman ft and vicus on Stay Town, has been selected in the Present The archaeology of gortyn Prizes in the archaeologist of the season classification.

Mr Wilmot is mature archaeologist for Language History and is an specialist on Hadrian’s Walls.

He said that his best historical good results was the development at Birdoswald Roman ft, near Carlisle, of post-Roman wood structures.

But he said his most popular instant of 2011 was the development that Maryport’s Roman altars had been used as providing in the post-pits of a enormous late-Roman wood developing which absolutely overturned past thoughts about practice burials.

Mr Wilmott said: “Overturning founded thoughts by further excavation is a actual emphasize in any historical life.”

It is predicted he will come back to Maryport in the summertime season time to proceed the analysis excavation requested and financed by the Senhouse Art gallery Believe in.

The archaeologist of the season is picked out by the community, and to election for Mr Wilmott, check out

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