Thursday, January 5, 2012

Did the Mayans get to Georgia? Historian considers 1,100-year-old mountain balconies discovered near hill display peasants left to U.S.

We know how the Mayans designed surprising temples or wats in South the united states, South the united states and Honduras - but now it's been recommended some left their dissolving civilisation and may have even finished up in Atl.

Historian and writer Rich Thornton considers a 1,100-year-old historical site reveals that peasants left Middle America and finished up in the South Georgian mountain ranges near Blairsville.

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His surprising concept is using the development of 300 to 500 mountain balconies and piles on the side of Brasstown Balding hill that time frame to 800AD - around the time the Mayans started to die out.But not everyone is astounded by Mr Thornton’s concept. He revealed School of Atl the archaeology of gortyn lecturer Level Williams in an post in the Examiner, revealed the Atl Publication Structure.

‘I am the archaeologist Level Williams described here,’ Teacher Williams said on Facebook or myspace. ‘This is finish and finish garbage. There is no proof of She in Atl. Switch along now.’

However Teacher Williams’s feedback on the Examiner post have themselves triggered a backlash as other audience branded his dismissive terms as ‘pompous’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘disrespectful’.

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