Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Excavations and Search for Holy Water At Traditional Religious in Ayvalik

New historical excavations are being performed at the Traditional Religious of Faneromeni in Ayvalik, a section of Balekisir, under the auspices of the City and the Turkish Secretary of state for Lifestyle.

The conclusions of the archaeology excavations at the center of the Kasibasa community are being desperately estimated by the people, and not only them. The Religious there was purportedly built some 200 century ago, and the archaeologists are concentrating now on finding the Holy Water running under the Religious that is revered to the Traditional, Protestants and Catholics.

archaeology excavations

The developing is known to the natives as the Holy Water Religious, and has long put a small oil industry. The Secretary of state for Lifestyle has bought the developing to retain it and the City of Ayvalik has done everything to recover it and emphasize it as another social fascination enhancing the traveler economy of the city.

Archaeology Excavations so far have unveiled two rivers. Similar to them there are steps leading to a share water ornamented by printed Religious team. Moreover, an printed angel was discovered which is believed to illustrate the Ancient first that unveiled Virgin mobile Betty where the Holy Water was.

Archeologists believe water they have discovered is indeed the Holy Water of cultures but are not certain yet whether it comes from a water well or a share.

The Gran of Ayvalik is planning now to start selling the Holy Water to visiting vacationers in order to appeal to more vacationers and economically support the municipality.

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