Monday, January 16, 2012

New Historical Developments in Syria

Syrian archaeologists have declared new findings discovered at an archaeological website near the seaside city of Jableh in Lattakia governorate, Syria.

According to the Syrian Arabic Information Organization, archaeologists of the Syrian nationwide archaeological adventure open a rectangle-shaped framework in the american place of the Nibal High website.

“The framework methods 26.5 m from southern to southern and is 13.15 m across, designed with huge rocks and lesser, intricately-carved rocks in the style of Roman wats,” said Mr. Ibrahim Younes Kheirbek, Manager of Jableh Archeology Office.

“The framework involves a front area with an the front in the center creating a stairs in the center, which causes a foundation in the south area. It probably goes to the 3rd millennium CE.”

Mr. Kheirbek said, that the team discovered two another components. Archaeologists open the continues to be of a framework in the southern place of the website, running 19 m from southern to southern and some 8 m across, its surfaces are made of huge rocks and varying in width from 1 to 1.5 m.

They also open the blocks of a framework designed with huge designed rocks and calculating 7 m x 5 m. Remains of content, ceramic pieces, Roman and Islamic-era money were discovered there.

Additionally, comprehensive archaeology excavations around the edge of the Nibal High website unveiled the damages of an historic personal place around 1 km eastern of the website and the damages of a huge framework likely to have been a Roman adventure.

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