Monday, February 20, 2012

Ancient Egyptian holy place of Abydos

In Italy, heavy snow has damaged the Colosseum in Rome and medieval buildings in Urbino.
At least 83 animal mummies, including dogs, cats, sheep, and goats, have been discovered in a chamber of what could be a temple at the ancient Egyptian holy place of Abydos. Another chamber contained a wooden statue thought to represent the female pharaoh Hatshepsut.
A seventeenth-century cemetery thought to hold the remains of enslaved Turkish Muslims has been disturbed by roadwork in Malta. “We’re working along the cross section, cleaning up the debris surrounding the bones and noting everything we find,” said archaeologist Marvin Demicoli.
A list of recommendations for the protection and preservation of the Bamiyan site in Afghanistan has been compiled by The 10thExpert Working Group Meeting of UNESCO. Cultural development, sustainable livelihoods, education, and the promotion of peace in Afghanistan are of central importance to the plan.

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